Monday, May 14, 2007


Ok, it was a long swim from Guantanamo - you think they would have offered me at least a boat ride - but I'm back. It's great to be here once again, and I will abide by the Vice-President's dictum and only discuss the Mets. But then again, is there any other topic worth talking about? So let's discuss hair. To your left is a photograph taken the other day from inside the Mets clubhouse, when a serial razor went through the Mets clubhouse and sheared the locks of all Mets in their path. Samson may have rolled in his grave, thinking about what Delilah did to him. But so far the results are promising - the Mets are winning with their new locks. Which means others are now getting on the bandwagon. Exhibit A is the picture to the lower right - this picture was taken inside the Mets clubhouse one hour ago, this is a new rookie who wants to be on the team and was willing to shear their locks. What do you say - just because the rookie had the haircut, does the rookie now get to be on the team?